- About the variety of dollar exchange rates and about the dollar exchange rate "for non-logged in"

Photo - About the variety of dollar exchange rates and about the dollar exchange rate "for non-logged in"

Our native employs very strange people who do things that are completely incomprehensible to me.

As you probably know, there are "one dollar items" on Ali. Like like this. Theoretically, they are very convenient. You look at the cost of such a product in rubles and you understand what the dollar exchange rate is today on Ali. (It's no secret that Chinese sellers set prices for goods in dollars.)

This morning (March 21, 2023) I asked the subscribers of our Telegram channel to conduct a small experiment. You can repeat it tooif the mood is.

  • Open a new "Incognito" window in the browser. (This is important. Otherwise, Ali may use the information from the cookies).
  • Open "one dollar" item (this one!) Write down the number. Course 1.
  • Only now log in to AliExpress. See the same item. Write down the number. Course 2.
  • Write in the comments Course1, Course2 and your status on Ali (gold, diamond, etc.).

People, low bow to you. We jointly collected information on 132 accounts. And that's what we got.

Course1 (i.e. the course for those�, who is not logged in) turned out to be exactly the same for everyone - 82.29.

Course2. Everything is much more fun here. There were already three different courses.

  • 79.94 - 71.2%
  • 78.37 - 22.7%
  • 82.29 - 6.1%

I.e. three quarters had a rate (like mine) of 79.94. In about a quarter of people, it turned out to be exactly two percent lower. And for a very small number of people, it has not changed at all.

Course1, i.e. course "for non-logined". Offline analogy. You see an advertisement in the window - tangerines for 82 rubles. Come inside and be surprised to find that the price tag is a littleLarger - 79 rubles. What is your reaction? Are you happy, upset, surprised? You might think that this is such an extravagant method of attracting new customers. You saw an interesting product, log in and find that it has become a little cheaper. So, we must urgently take it before the seller changes his mind! So?

That's it. Forgot about the "unlogged". Also, I’m afraid I can’t say anything about those whose prices do not change after login. You can, of course, try to try Ali support. But, as the experience of one of our subscribers shows, there will be no sense in such communication.�a lot.

So. About the rest. In a ratio of three to one, we have prices for a one-dollar product of 79.94 and 78.37.

The hypothesis that the price somehow depends on the status of the account was not confirmed. (For those who are interested in the status distribution statistics, see under the cut). What does the price depend on? Unclear. It seems that a randomizer is simply turned on and a quarter of the clients are randomly assigned to a group of guinea pigs.

Some statistics

Course 79.94:
- Silver - 12%
- Gold - 17%
- Platinum - 28%
- Diamond - 36%
- Unknown - 7%

- Silver - 17%
- Gold - 17%
- Platinum - 37%
- Diamond - 23%
-Unknown - 7%

Course 82.29:
- Diamond - 13%
- Silver - 13%
- Platinum - 63%
- Gold - 13%

Put aside super-cheap goods. The higher dollar rate for them that I recently talked about hasn't gone away. (At least for those who have an exchange rate of 79.94).

Our close team managed to create a brand new empty account "78.37", so I was able to experiment a bit. Alas, much less than I would like.

Next. It suddenly became clear that there was someThe second is a rather small number of goods that do not care about the general dollar exchange rates, they have their own. And even lower ones. This is such a handsome man, for example. Moreover, similar goods cost me the same for both my accounts.

Total. With the account "79.94" everything is more or less clear. The rate is 79.94 for the vast majority of goods and a slightly more pleasant (lower) rate for some more goods.

And when I returned to the "78.37" account to continue researching with him, I suddenly discovered that his dollar exchange rate was out�Suddenly jumped to 81.51. At what point this happened, I do not understand. But, apparently, until 19:00 Moscow time. I was surprised and even asked a member of our chat, who also has several accounts (thank you, vivid) to check one of the products. You won't believe it, but everything is still the same with him. Still the same 78.37.

These are pies with kittens. Morality, as usual, will not. We continue to observe.

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