Announcement. Children's watch Elari 4G Wink with two cameras and almost real Telegram

Photo Announcement. Children

Children's watches Elari 4G Wink are on sale. Already from the title, two far-reaching conclusions can be drawn.

  • There is support for LTE networks.
  • There is some connection with the Wink online cinema. Those. Hello Rostelecom.

As stated in the official press release, Elari 4G Wink is a joint project between VK, Rostelecom and Elari. From VK the device received Marusya, from Rostelecom - cinema, from Elari ... Everything else? The watch itself?

Judging by the fact that there is LTE, and Wi-Fi, and GPS, something android-like must clearly be hiding inside the watch. Both hardware and software. Unfortunately,no details. What kind of hardware is there, how much memory, what kind of Android - we don’t know any of this. But we know for sure that there is no free access to the Internet from such watches and cannot be. No browsers - parental controls etc.

Have you ever heard of KidGram baby messenger? A clever idea from Elari. Filterable Telegram for kids. If I understand correctly, they wrote their own client that allows parents to control who the child will communicate with. "White list" of contacts, groups, channels. Plus the ability to read the history of correspondence dehush. All or not all - it’s like agreeing with a child, you can customize it there.

They say that KidGram will soon be available on smartphones and tablets. But not yet, so far only on the clock.

The screen appears to have been carried over from the previous watch, from the Elari KidPhone 4GR model, without much change. The same diagonal 1.3", the same resolution 240x240 (185 ppi). I hope the matrix is ​​the same, i.e. IPS.

It is curious that two cameras were installed in the clock at once. Frontal - this is understandable. To be able to communicate with parents via video. But there is a second, main one. With up to 5M resolution�. Those. you can even use the watch as a simple camera.

Another valuable thing to note is protection against water and dust - IP67. Those. even if a child decides to wash his hands from the ears to the waist, the watch will not suffer much.

Oats are expensive these days. The cheapest Elari 4G Wink can be bought at the Rostelecom online store - for ₽7990 ($113). Elsewhere (like DNS) the price is even higher.

Elari 4G Wink key features:

Screen 1.3", 5 cm², 240x240, 185 ppi, touch, capacitive, multi-touch Mobile InternetLTE Mobile networksLTE
GSM BatteryOr Li-Ion, 605 mAh Weight53 g Rear camera: 5 MP, no flash
Front camera: 0.3 MP, no flash, no autofocus NavigationGPS, GLONASS USB?

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