Announcement. DEXP S4 Symbol - the simplest ultra-cheap reader

Photo Announcement. DEXP S4 Symbol - the simplest ultra-cheap reader

On sale appeared the simplest e-book from DEXP. It's called DEXP S4 Symbol and costs about three kopecks. More precisely, ₽4999 ($67.4). It just doesn't get cheaper. Of course, nothing supernatural for such money can not be expected. The device is the simplest.

However, the screen is reasonable enough. Electronic Ink E-Ink Carta. The screen is six-inch (111 cm²), with a resolution of 758x1024, which gives 212 ppi. (I suspect that lower resolution ink screens are simply not produced now). There is no backlight, so you can't read in the darkb. There is also no sensor. You need to control the device using the buttons. We observe several pieces under the screen. Plus, there are buttons for paging on the sides.

The battery is small, 1500 mAh. But by the standards of such ink devices, this is normal.

What DEXP S4 Symbol has with hardware is not reported. Some single-core processor and 128 MB of RAM. Of course, Android cannot be installed on such a device, there is something simpler here.

There is not much permanent memory, only 4 GB. However, fiction and literary books do not weigh much, but nothing elseYou won't read it to your reader. But if anything - you can expand with a memory card.

There is nothing. There is no player, no Internet access, Bluetooth is not supported. USB is an ancient Micro.

The delivery set is the most modest. There is no charger or case. And if charging is now higher than the roof, then the cover will obviously have to be looked for and bought separately.

DEXP S4 Symbol key features:

Greyscale, E-Ink, 6", 111 cm², 758x1024, 212 ppi, 16 colors, Carta Iron600 MHz, 1 core Memory RAM 128 MB, ROM 4 GB, Micro-SD up to 32 GB Li-Pol battery, 1800 mAh Dimensions163 x 116 x 9.4mm Weight148 g OSuCOS USBMicro v2.0

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