Announcement. Honor Pad X8 Lite - an obviously inexpensive tablet on an incomprehensible chipset

Photo Announcement. Honor Pad X8 Lite - an obviously inexpensive tablet on an incomprehensible chipset

Honor has quietly globally announced Honor Pad X8 Lite. At the same time, I messed up a bit with the chipset...

If we open the official page with the specification, we will see the following lines there:

  • CPU model - MediaTek MT8786
  • Number of CPU Cores - 2×Cortex A75 2.0GHz + 6×Cortex A55 1.8GHz

Who is MediaTek MT8786? There is no information about him on the official website. The opinions of the people were divided. Some people think that they hurriedly mixed up the order of the numbers during layout and actually mean MediaTek MT8768, aka MediaTek Helio P22T. Unlikely. Helio P22T has a different set of cores.

The second hypothesis is that under the name MediaTek MT8786 there is MediaTek Helio G80 or something very similar to it. The set of cores and frequencies are the same. However, they also coincide with a whole crowd of MediaTeks - Helio P65, Helio G70, Helio G85, Helio G88 >...

The funny thing is that I created a page on our website for MediaTek MT8786 more than a year ago and wrote the following there: "Probably a synonym for MediaTek Helio G80. Or a separate chip similar to it, sharpened for use in tablets. But where did I get it?..

In short, we expect in AnT anywayuTu around a modest two hundred thousand points.

The rest of the characteristics are also not very impressive.

Permanent memory - 32 GB. Operative, it seems, 3 or 4 GB (I don’t see confirmation of this on the official website, but everyone writes like that). Support for memory cards, of course, is.

Obsolete screen. The diagonal is 9.7" (273 cm²), while the resolution is only 1280x800, which gives only 156 dpi.

The battery is not impressive, 5100 mAh. The cameras are symbolic - 2 MP in front, 5 MP in the back.

Wi-Fi is dual-band, there is Type-C. Mobile internet supportetc. Whether there is a GPS module is not specified.

How much Honor Pad X8 Lite will cost in and which countries they plan to sell it has not yet been specified.

Honor Pad X8 Lite Key Features:

ScreenS-IPS, 9.7", 273 cm², 1280x800, 156 ppi, touch, capacitive, multi-touch Hardware?MediaTek MT8786
2 GHz, 2 x Cortex-A75, 6 x Cortex-A55, ? Memory RAM 3-4 GB, ROM 32 GB, Micro-SD Battery Li-Pol, 5100 mAh Dimensions240.2 x 159 x 7.55 mm Weight460 g Rear camera: 5 MP, no flash
Front camera: 2 MP, no flash, no autofocus Navigation? OS Android 12, MagicUI 6.1 SensorsAccelerometer USB v2.0, USB-OTG

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