Announcement. Kobo Clara 2E - reader made of recycled plastic

Photo Announcement. Kobo Clara 2E - reader made of recycled plastic

Cleaning the seas and oceans from plastic waste is certainly the right thing to do. Here are the guys from the Kobo company and decided to promote a little on this. They took and announced an e-book reader Kobo Clara 2E, whose main feature is a case made of 85% recycled plastic (including 10% plastic caught in the seas-oceans).< /p>

We continue the wet theme. The reader is protected from water (but not from dust) according to the class IPX8. Those. it can be safely dipped in water, but only in clean and fresh water. (Most likely, the case is not hermetic, but insideThe e-reader's exercises are treated with a special "anti-water" compound).

Otherwise, we have a classic modern six-inch (111 cm²) electronic ink reader. The screen remains the same as its predecessor, the Kobo Clara HD. Those. sensory. The standard resolution is 1072x1448 (300 ppi). There is a backlight with adjustable color temperature.

The amount of permanent memory has increased from 8 to 16 GB, which is quite a lot by the standards of such devices. No memory card support.

The battery (according to unofficial data) has a capacity of 1500 m�h. Yet again. By the standards of such devices, the capacity is not bad, although not outstanding.

Connect with the outside world via Bluetooth, dual-band Wi-Fi or Type-C.

Books can not only be read, but also listened to - through a proprietary Kobo Audiobooks service. True, it does not work in all countries ... Yes, and listening, probably, is still more convenient and familiar from smartphones. For this case, e-ink readers are not needed.

In our country, Kobo Clara 2E, of course, will not be sold. Well, there, over the hill, the price will be $129.99 (₽7830), €149.99 (₽9030, $150) or £129.99 (₽9110, $151) depending on the location of the buyer.

Kobo Clara 2E Key Features:

Greyscale screen, E-Ink, 6", 111 cm², 1072x1448, 300 ppi, 16 colors, touchscreen, capacitive, multitouch, backlight, E-Ink Carta 1200 Hardware1 GHz, Freescale Solo Lite Memory RAM 512 MB, ROM 16 GB, no memory card Battery Li-Pol, 1500 mAh Dimensions159.02 x 112.05 x 8.66 mm Weight171 g Cameras- Navigation? USBType-C v2.0

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