Announcement. Onyx Boox Tab Ultra - electronic ink and... camera

Photo Announcement. Onyx Boox Tab Ultra - electronic ink and... camera

A few days ago, I talked about the four e-ink devices that were introduced in and for China.

One of these devices is Onyx Boox Tab 10. A kind of compact tablet-laptop with an ink screen, which is clearly supposed to be used in a set not only with a stylus, but also with a keyboard. Plus, the battery capacity is absolutely prohibitive by the standards of ink devices and a huge (again by the standards of ink devices) amount of permanent memory.

And now a close relative of this Tab 10announced and "globally." Named Onyx Boox Tab Ultra. And with one amazing difference. Ultra has a camera! And the rear, not the front. Resolution 16 MP.

(At first I thought that maybe Boox Tab 10 also has a camera and I just didn’t notice it. I went through the specification under a microscope, looked carefully at all the pictures. No, I can’t see the camera there) .

The combination of a black and white ink screen and a camera is a strange combination. No, of course, smartphones with E-Ink and cameras existed in nature. Hisense A5 Pro, for example. But to make the camera standThey poured into a large ink device, sharpened for reading and working with documents - I don’t remember something like that. (Although, of course, China produces a lot of strange devices, including those with ink screens. You can’t keep track of everyone.)

But, in fact, everything is logical. The camera here is not for highly artistic photography, but just for working with documents. For their "scanning" and recognition. I took a sheet of paper with printed letters, clicked the camera, recognized the photo with the built-in software - got the text.

About the characteristics of Ultra.

The screen has a diagonal of 10.3" (329 cm²), a resolution of 1404x1872 (227 ppi). Two touch layers - separately for fingers and separately for the stylus. There is a backlight with adjustable color temperature.

As usual, Onyx did not reveal the name of the chipset they are using. Octa-core Qualcomm. Most likely Snapdragon 662. By the standards of smartphones, tablets, it is rather weak, around two hundred thousand points in AnTuTu. But on the ink screen, you won’t play games, and you won’t watch videos. Yes, the browser, most likely, run only once - purely out of curiosity. And for reading or workingWith documents, this performance is more than sufficient.

Memory. 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. Plus, there is even support for memory cards.

The battery has a capacity of 6300 mAh. Those. about the same size as a tablet. By the standards of ink devices, the capacity is very large. In their other devices with similar screens, Onyx used to put 3-4 thousand mAh batteries in the past.

Other. There is an external speaker and microphone. Internet access - via Wi-Fi (dual-band). There is Type-C.

About money.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra already availableupen in the company's international online store (of course, there is no delivery to Russia).

$599.99 (₽36800) if you buy a device without a keyboard (but with a stylus and a case). And $659.99 (₽40500), if you add a keyboard to this. Plus shipping costs.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra Key Features:

Greyscale, E-Ink, 10.3", 329 cm², 1404x1872, 227 ppi, 16 colors, touch, capacitive, multi-touch, backlight, E-Ink Carta, inductive + capacitive sensor Hardware?Qualcomm Snapdragon 662
4 x Kryo 260 (Cortex-A73), 4 x Kryo 260 (Cortex-A53), Adreno 610 MemoryRAM 4 GB, ROM 128 GB, Micro-SD , LPDDR4X, UFS2.1 Battery Li-Pol, 6300 mAh Dimensions225 x 184.5 x 6.7 mm Weight480 g Rear camera: 16 MP, autofocus Navigation? OSAndroid 11 SensorsAccelerometer USBType-C v2.0

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