belated. Onyx Boox Tab 13, aka Aragonite Tab 13

Photo belated. Onyx Boox Tab 13, aka Aragonite Tab 13

I was browsing news feeds on various websites and came across a mention of a certain "electronic ink screen tablet" called Aragonite Tab13. Who are they, why don't I know? Went to investigate. Found something beautiful. Trying to figure out how I didn't notice this before.

Tab 13

As you may be aware, there are guys called BOOX. In our country, their products have been sold under the Onyx Boox brand for a hundred years. Which, in principle, is logical. Because even their Chinese site says "Copyright Onyx International Inc". Those. Onyxes, they are Buxes.

As it turned out, on a whaleysk they also call themselves 文石BOOX. They have this on the logo.

If you feed the characters 文石 to an automatic translator (both Google and Yandex), the translator will translate them as "Aragonite". Who is Aragonite? Mineral. As well as onyx, by the way. At first I even thought that these were probably two names for the same stone. But, it seems, no. Although here's what, and in minerals, I understand like a pig in oranges. (By the way, aragonite can also be called 霰石 in Chinese. What is the difference between 文石 and 霰石? Ask something easier.)

�So Aragonite Tab 13 is, in our opinion, Onyx Boox Tab 13. And indeed. In intra-Chinese stores, such a device appeared on sale. With the BOOX logo, of course.


As far as I can tell, Onyx Boox Tab 13 aka 文石 Tab13 aka Aragonite Tab 13 is a Chinese copy of the announced a few days ago the international Onyx Boox Tab X, which will be sold in Russia as well. An exact copy or there are some minor differences - it's hard to say.

Onyx Boox Tab X

Screen. Black and white electronic ink E-Ink Mobius Carta 1250. Huge� size - 13.3" (slightly smaller than a sheet of A4 paper). Just what you need to read pdf documents. Moderate resolution - 1650x2200 (207 ppi). Backlight, stylus support. Two touch layers. Traditional capacitive (as in smartphones and tablets ) and induction (Wacom) - for the stylus.

Iron. As usual, Onyx does not name the brand of the chipset used. Something with a frequency of 2 GHz. Most likely Qualcomm Snapdragon 662.

The amount of memory is solid. 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. No memory card support.

High capacity battery - 6300 mAh

Other. USB modern, Type-C. ��Dual-band Wi-Fi. Bluetooth 5.0 - in case you suddenly want to listen to music from the device. There is a speaker and a microphone.

Tab 13 in China will cost ¥6199 (₽63400, $910).

For comparison, Tab X costs $879.99 (₽61300) in the US, €949.99 (₽70800, $1020) in Europe, and ₽94990 ($1360) in Russia.

Not cheap, yes...

Onyx Boox Tab 13 Key Features:

Greyscale screen, E-Ink, 13.3", 548 cm², 1650x2200, 207 ppi, 16 colors, touch, capacitive, multi-touch, backlight, E-Ink Carta 1250, inductive + capacitive sensor Hardware?Qualcomm Snapdragon 662
2 GHz, 4 x Kryo 260 (Cortex-A73), 4 x Kryo 260 (Cortex-A53), Adreno 610 Memory6 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, no memory card, LPDDR4X, UFS 2.1 Battery Li-Pol, 6300 mAh Dimensions310 x 228 x 6.8 mm Weight560 g OSAndroid 11 USBType-C v2.0, USB-OTG

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