Facebook Attacks Apple Software Changes in Newspaper Ads, Claims Small Business Will Suffer

Apple is expected to introduce its AppTrackingTransparency feature in iOS 14, giving users what Facebook describes as “a discouraging prompt” if any apps such as Facebook’s attempt to track them or access their device’s advertising identifier.

Facebook has attacked Apple in a series of newspaper ads, claiming that the privacy changes in iOS 14 will damage small businesses that rely on targeted advertising.

Facebook said Apple’s plans will limit the ability of apps to gather data from phones that could be used for targeted advertising.

The social media giant noted in a blog post that Apple’s own personalized ad platform would be exempt from the new prompt requirement the iPhone maker is planning to impose on other companies.

Apple’s senior developer of global privacy, Jane Horvath, said the upcoming anti-tracking feature is not designed to prevent advertising, but is way of encouraging advertising that respects user privacy on the same level as does Apple.

Facebook and Apple have also clashed over commission fees the iPhone maker charges apps listed on iOS devices, with Facebook again suggesting that its policies align itself with those small developers most affected by the policy.

Social media users have taken issue with Facebook’s claim to be protecting small business.

Others said they were happy to see privacy better protected.

Others seemed surprised at the many ways they could be tracked online.

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