Mastercard Says Ending Use of Its Cards on Pornhub – Report

It was earlier reported that Visa and Mastercard were investigating a report of unlawful content on the website, including the alleged presence of videos of child abuse and non-consensual sexual violence.

Mastercard is ending the use of its cards on the adult website Pornhub, after an investigation confirmed that it contained illegal videos, Reuters reported on Thursday.

Visa and Mastercard launched a probe into the matter after a New York Times columnist published an article last week claiming that while the website presents itself as a “naughty” adult entertainment platform, engages in charity campaigns and enjoys a positive image on mainstream media, it actually posts a large amount of unlawful content. According to the report, these include videos of sex assault and child abuse, “revenge” pornography, illegal footage that was taken on spy cameras, and “racist and misogynist” content.

The journalist particularly criticised the website for allowing downloads of the content, so that even if a video posted without consent is deleted, it is likely to continue showing up somewhere else on the Internet, with no way to stop it.

Following the report, Pornhub dismissed the accusations, adding that it had banned users from downloading content and only allows certain partner accounts to upload videos on the website.

Later in the day, media reported that Visa followed the suit, saying in a separate statement that it was suspending payments through its network on Pornhub.


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