Bullfrog Is a Must at So Do Fun

The concept of authenticity in meals is tempting however slippery. Take, for instance, So Do Fun, a new restaurant in Gramercy. If you needed to categorize it bluntly, you may name it Sichuan—but it surely’s the primary U.S. outpost of a chain based in 2007 in Guangzhou, the Chinese metropolis traditionally romanized as Canton, which implies that it’s Sichuan for a Cantonese clientele. Does this origin story make it much less genuine—or, certainly, extra genuine, reflecting the organically idiosyncratic method that a particular group of individuals eat?

The boiled fish in chili sauce or chili oil, the home specialty, could be left entire or filleted.

Regardless, to expertise that idiosyncrasy is pure pleasure: a kind of push and pull by means of peppercorn punch and mellow sweetness, throughout the menu’s dishes and generally inside them, too. Sichuan-style boiled fish in chili sauce—a home specialty, marketed on customized takeout containers—is correctly, immutably fiery, a wonderful morass of dried chilies, Sichuan peppercorns, scallions, cilantro, sesame seeds, and glossy knobs of unpeeled garlic virtually fully obscuring the fish, served entire or in supple fillets, dusted with cornstarch in order that it holds a sculptural, rippled form. “You can’t just top-skim—you have to dredge,” one in all my eating companions famous, as he trawled the underside of a forged-steel skillet with a spoon, unearthing a few bonus morsels of fillet.

An entire fish awaits its sauce of dried chilies, Sichuan peppercorns, cucumber, cilantro leaves and stems, sesame seeds, and knobs of unpeeled garlic.

A web page of Must Haves lists mapo tofu, spicy crawfish, double-cooked pork, and Sichuan-style fried rooster, all of which bear substantial warmth. It additionally contains extra understated choices, worthy each as dramatic foils and in their very own proper. Slender slabs of pork stomach are battered in coarse, crispy rice meal earlier than they’re steamed in bamboo atop chunks of taro, the marginally sugared coating going pleasantly comfortable, the fats rendered practically gelatinous. Frilly leaves of Napa cabbage are bathed in a heat rooster consommé, topped with buoyantly crunchy shrimp and segments of preserved egg, virtually black and as translucent as stained glass.

Scallions are added to the combo.

Must you might have the bullfrog? If you’re chasing authenticity, you’d higher—it’s a standard protein in Sichuan Province. Moreover, the dish is scrumptious. I’ll admit that I balked at the phrase, however not for a second at the platter delivered to the desk, a stunning mosaic of chopped contemporary inexperienced chilies (straightforward to eat round, until you’re a true spice hound) punctuated with pearlescent items of tender meat that launch simply from small bones. As delicate as lobster, bullfrog is a great canvas for the mala hum of an oil infused with inexperienced Sichuan peppercorns, a extra citrusy cousin of the usual purple selection.

After I’d ordered the boiled fish, a server steered me away from the boiled beef in chili sauce; too related, he defined, and advised the sliced beef with pickles and tomato soup. Its delicate, fruity broth turned out to be on simply the best aspect of cloying, balanced by cubes of silken tofu and the meat, sliced into ruffles so skinny that they should have cooked in seconds. If the consolation of the chili sauce took the type of catharsis—heart-racing warmth and its attendant sweat—the consolation of the tomato soup was soporific, extra soothing than Campbell’s. A rousingly refreshing bowl of skinned, chilled cherry tomatoes, in the meantime, with a single dried bitter plum that rehydrated of their juice, displayed the flexibility of the identical taste profile.

The tomatoes, on the Cold Dish part of the menu, together with noodles and boiled rooster, each slicked in chili oil, might as simply be loved at the tip of the meal as at the start. The identical is true, maybe extra surprisingly, of the brown-sugar rice cake, listed as a snack. Neat rectangles of deep-fried sticky-rice paste tossed in toasted soy flour, sweetened solely by a chaste dusting of brown sugar, are served with a aspect of viscous molasses for dipping. “Some people get them as an appetizer, some as a dessert,” a server advised me. Some folks eat bullfrog, some don’t. Some folks need their beef to gentle their tongues on fireplace, some need it in tomato soup. At So Do Fun, the place you possibly can select your individual journey, authenticity is within the eye of the beholder. (Dishes $8.95-$36.95.) ♦

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