More than two million dollars will be raffled off at the Rocket League tournament

Photo More than two million dollars will be raffled off at the Rocket League tournament

One of the most popular games of recent years, including in the mobile segment - Rocket League, has long been not just fun for gamers around the world, but also an esports discipline.

Rocket League tournament seasons (Rocket League Championship Series) have been held since 2016, since then 8 winning teams of this prestigious competition have already been determined. The final stages of tournaments in different years were hosted by such cities as Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, Las Vegas and Madrid. And only in 2020 and 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic, tournaments could not be held.

However, in 2022, the Rocket League Championship Series will return again, and fans of eSports will be able to watch the battles of the best teams in the world in this discipline. And if you wish, you can predict the winner by placing an appropriate bet on the line offered by the official bookmaker's office 1xBet, where there are always plenty of original options for betting on eSports. According to the quotes of this bookmaker, the teams Moist Esports, The General NRG, G2 eSports and Falcons have the highest chances of winning the Rocket League Championship Series in 2022. The probability of their success is estimated in di��range from 25 to 16% chance.

We also note that for those Rocket League fans who have been making sport predictions for a long time, it is important to know which teams have previously managed to achieve success in such a representative competition as the Championship Series. In this regard, let's single out The General NRG team, which previously won the championship in Madrid in 2019 under a slightly modified tag, and is now one of the main favorites.

And finally, about the main motivation of the Rocket League Championship Series participants in 2022 - financial. If on the first ever pIn the 2016 tournament, the prize fund of the competition was only 55 thousand dollars, but now it has reached an incredible size compared to 6 years ago, namely, two million and eighty-five thousand dollars! The fight for this impressive amount of prize money will unfold in August in the American city of Fort Worth, in the state of Texas.

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