Russia military veteran Khodaryonok in damning assessment of Ukraine war

In a rustic the place unbiased media and commentary has all however disappeared from public view, it's uncommon to listen to dissenting voices on the numerous state-controlled TV networks in Russia — significantly now with the nation at war with Ukraine.

But one well-known military analyst and veteran has stood out this week after he appeared on state TV and gave a damning assessment of the Ukraine invasion, or what Russia calls its "special military operation."

"The situation, frankly speaking, will get worse for us," Mikhail Khodaryonok, a retired Russian military colonel, instructed the "60 Minutes" speak present on Rossiya-1 TV program hosted by Olga Skabeyeva, who's famend for her pro-Kremlin stance.

"You should not swallow informational tranquilizers," Khodaryonok instructed the host as he warned that Ukraine was in no means close to being overwhelmed by Russia, and that Kyiv might mobilize and arm 1,000,000 males if it needed to.

Khodaryonok, who can be a protection columnist for the newspaper and a graduate of one of Russia's elite military academies, in keeping with Reuters, had beforehand warned Russia towards invading its neighbor Ukraine, saying it was not in Russia's nationwide pursuits.

His recommendation unheeded, Russia is now nearly three months right into a bloody battle in Ukraine with just a few important territorial good points in the east and south, and with the invasion prone to flip right into a long-term war of attrition with Ukraine's fighters exhibiting a bravery and resilience underestimated by Moscow.

Moscow has already needed to cut back its obvious technique to invade Ukraine from the north, east and south and has now targeted its combating forces on jap Ukraine, in the Donbas area.

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Khodaryonok emphasised that even when Ukraine needed to depend on lots of of hundreds of conscripts that solely had a rudimentary military coaching, what mattered is that their hearts can be in the struggle, and that might not bode effectively for Russia.

"The desire to defend one's motherland in the sense that it exists in Ukraine — it really does exist there and they intend to fight to the last," Khodaryonok mentioned earlier than he was interrupted by Skabeyeva who was attempting to downplay the effectiveness of Ukraine's forces.

Neither Khodaryonok nor Skabeyeva couldn’t be reached for remark, Reuters reported.

'The world is towards us'

On the worldwide stage, Russia is now extensively ostracized and has been sanctioned to the hilt with even its erstwhile allies in China and India edgy over how lengthy the battle might final.

"The main deficiency of our military-political position is that we are in full geopolitical solitude and — however we don't want to admit it — practically the whole world is against us … and we need to get out of this situation," Khodaryonok continued on the speak present, with the opposite studio company showing dumbstruck by his outspoken critique.

While Russia is more and more remoted, the West seems extra united than ever. Ukraine's allies in the West proceed to produce arms to Kyiv and Russia's invasion has seen the Western military alliance NATO tighten its safety measures. In reality, Russia's invasion has solely served to strengthen the alliance with Finland and Sweden now seeking to be part of the group.

Russia predicated its onslaught of Ukraine largely on an opposition to it becoming a member of NATO (a prospect that was not imminent) and has invariably blamed NATO for the invasion, in addition to accusing the military alliance of making ready to invade what Moscow sees as Russian territory in east Ukraine, the place two pro-Russian, self-proclaimed republics are situated in the Donbas.

But its response to NATO's forthcoming enlargement to incorporate Finland and Sweden has been muted. Although it initially threatened "retaliatory steps" towards the enlargement, with President Vladimir Putin calling it "a problem," it has since mentioned the enlargement doesn't make an enormous distinction to it. Geopolitical analysts have famous there may be little Russia can really do concerning the enlargement anyway, though Russia has threatened to behave if NATO military infrastructure is positioned in Sweden or Finland.

Khodaryonok mentioned Russia wanted to see the fact of the state of affairs in Ukraine: "The main thing in our business is have a sense of military-political realism: if you go beyond that then the reality of history will hit you so hard that you will not know what hit you," he mentioned.

"Don't wave rockets in the direction of Finland for goodness sake — it just looks rather funny," he mentioned.

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