PUBG Mobile Main Event Prize Pool Increased to $4 Million

Photo PUBG Mobile Main Event Prize Pool Increased to $4 Million

The PUBG Mobile battle royale game has become not only a popular game, but also a full-fledged e-sport.

The creators of PUBG Mobile continue to enjoy the success that their brainchild has brought them, and at the same time actively develop the game as an independent esports type by holding the next season of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship tournament.

At the moment, participants are preparing for the PUBG Mobile League, which starts in November of this year, and the top 13 teams from 48 participants will be able to join the three lucky ones who will receive direct prizes.Calls for the "Grand Final", which will take place at the beginning of 2023 in Singapore. And it is there that the main prize fund will be raffled off - $ 4 million!

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Note that at the moment two participants of the "Grand Final" of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship season are already known. These are Team SMG from China, as well as Alter Ego LIMAX from Indonesia, who qualified for the Top 16 due to their successful performances during the season. The name of one more lucky person who will not have to break through the sieve of qualification in the league to the Grand Final will be revealed a little later if you follow the latest news related to eSports battles´┐Żinfluences in the world.

Recall that last year's PUBG Mobile Global Championship was won by Nova Esports from China, who managed to beat all their competitors in the battle for the main prize and earn $1.53 million in prize money from a total pool of $3.49 million. This season, Nova Esports will have to make it to the "Grand Final" through the qualifiers.

In PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022, as mentioned above, the total "big jackpot" is increased to 4 million dollars, of which the winning team will get almost half.

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