Electric Car Fires May Become Issue as Number of Such Vehicles Continues to Grow, Expert Says

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – As electrical vehicles turn into extra prevalent, the difficulty of spontaneous combustion will come to the fore and have to be contended with, Damien Ernst, a professor of electro-mechanical engineering on the University of Liege, mentioned.

The media have been frequently reporting about varied electrical automobile fashions bursting into flames internationally, leading to fires which might be tough to extinguish. While there’s little concern concerning the matter in the mean time, since petroleum and diesel vehicles are ten occasions as doubtless to catch on hearth, the success of electrical vehicles might make the figures extra worrying sooner or later.

The professional went on to clarify that the trigger of fires in electrical vehicles is at all times the lithium-ion battery, which may burn for greater than a day and desires 10,000 litres of water to put out. When one battery cell overheats it creates a so-called thermal runaway, which spreads via your entire battery. This can occur due to overcharging or an issue with the charging station, however might additionally happen on the highway or after a crash.

The professor warned that as the vitality density of batteries will increase to present extra mileage to the automobile, the chance of fires will worsen, particularly as electrical vehicles become old.

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