Light Echoes Seen From Behind Black Hole Help Confirm Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Media Says

Researchers are making a “3D map of the black hole’s surroundings” utilizing X-rays’ echoes.

An worldwide crew of scientists led by Dan Wilkins of Stanford University has detected gentle coming from behind a black gap for the primary time ever, SciTechDaily reviews.

The supermassive black gap the scientists centered their consideration on is positioned within the centre of a galaxy roughly 800 million gentle years away from our planet.

According to the media outlet, the flare noticed by the scientists was “so bright that some of the X-rays shone down onto the disk of gas falling into the black hole.”

The crew’s observations reportedly match the predictions in Albert Einstein’s idea of General Relativity relating to the way by which gravity bends gentle round black holes.

As echoes of X-rays seem to alter color whereas the rays journey across the black gap, researchers are actually utilizing this method “to create a 3D map of the black hole’s surroundings,” the media outlet provides.


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