NASA Unveils Stunning Image of Blue Martian Dunes to Celebrate Odyssey Anniversary

The Mars Odyssey spacecraft was launched into house on April 7, 2001, with the target to develop a map that might define the compositions of the Martian panorama in a bid to give researchers a extra stable perspective of the terrain. The spacecraft stays the oldest piece of know-how inspecting Mars.

The US’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched a surprising picture on Monday that supplied a spectacular view of the sand dunes and northern polar caps on the distant planet.

Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASUUS’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration releases false-color picture of Martian dunes to rejoice the twentieth anniversary of the Mars Odyssey orbiter. The picture presents viewers a take a look at breathtaking blue Martian dunes.

The picture itself consists of a number of photographs snapped by the orbiter’s infrared digital camera, the Thermal Emission Imaging System instrument, between December 2002 and November 2004, and captures an space about 19 miles extensive.

Over the final twenty years, the Odyssey has carried out rather more than merely providing panorama compositions. In reality, because the spacecraft started orbiting Mars on October 24, 2001, Odyssey has managed to assist scientists uncover water ice parts, in addition to analyzed the planet’s radiation atmosphere in its low orbit, in accordance to the US house company.


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