NASA Warns It Would Fail to Prevent Asteroid Heading Towards Earth From Crashing Into Europe

The simulation was carried out throughout a planetary defence convention organised by the United Nations. According to the findings of the examine, the worldwide group is unprepared for such potential incidents.

Sad information for Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and different Eastern European states, destroyed throughout a simulation take a look at, during which NASA tried to save the Earth from a possible asteroid collision. Researchers from the house company have been informed {that a} celestial physique known as 2021PDC was approaching our planet and would collide with it inside six months.

For a number of days scientists labored determining the asteroid’s dimension, trajectory, and likelihood of impression in addition to methods to stop the collision. The proposed options included:

  • crashing a spacecraft into the celestial physique so as to change its trajectory;
  • destroying the asteroid with a robust bomb, together with a nuclear weapon;

Alas, not one of the choices labored and 2021PDC crashed into Eastern Europe.

Conclusion and Proposal

Scientists stated no current know-how can save our planet in a six-month timeframe. “If confronted with the 2021PDC hypothetical scenario in real life we would not be able us to launch any spacecraft on such short notice with current capabilities”, stated the individuals.

The solely viable proposal is to evacuate folks from the realm. However, within the case of the examine, the evacuation appeared a frightening activity as preliminary exams revealed that the impression zone coated elements of North Africa and Europe.

Why is it Important?

Although NASA and different house businesses usually discover near-Earth objects (which can pose a hazard to our planet) approach earlier than six months, they’re unable to observe down all celestial our bodies and generally they merely miss them or find out about them simply days earlier than they swoosh previous the Earth.

For instance, in 2019, an asteroid known as 2019 OK handed dangerously shut to our planet, however NASA didn’t discover due to what it stated was unhealthy climate and the place of the Moon. Comet Neowise, which whizzed previous the Earth final July, was seen by astronomers 4 months earlier than its arrival.


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