Photos: Astronomy Enthusiasts Snap Shots of Rare ‘Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter, Saturn

The final time such an occasion occurred, Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan was nonetheless alive, and one other go this shut isn’t doubtless for an additional 800 years. Of course, it’s all only a trick of the attention, because of the truth that astronomers are viewing the planets from Earth.

As the planets Jupiter and Saturn make their historic “great conjunction” on Monday, beginner astronomers are snapping unbelievable images of the 2 fuel giants.

In actuality, the planets should not bodily any nearer to one another than they usually are; the conjunction is simply doable for a viewer right here on Earth, because of a perspective phenomenon known as “parallax.”


Europa and Titan are each candidates for doable extraterrestrial life, and NASA has proposed missions to each moons to search out out.


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