Scientists Strive to Discover Origin of Mysterious ‘Seneca Guns’ Sound in US

Researchers have managed to establish that the strange booming sound are not produced by seismic events, though the exact nature of the phenomenon remains unclear.

Scientists in the US are trying to uncover the mysterious origins of an acoustic phenomenon mainly reported by North Carolina residents living in coastal areas, Live Science reports.

The phenomenon in question is named “Seneca Guns” after Lake Seneca in the State of New York where a similar phenomenon occurred. “Enigmatic booming sounds” are emitted from an unknown source, some of which are apparently “powerful enough to rattle windows and vibrate buildings.”

During the course of their study, researchers created a catalog of instances of the Seneca Guns before attempting to verify them with actual seismo-acoustic data, explained Eli Bird, an undergraduate studying geological sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

And while they haven’t been able to establish the exact source of these eerie noise, they have ruled out “ground shaking as the cause of these booms.”

One possible explanations for the phenomenon could be space rocks exploding upon entering Earth’s atmosphere, with Live Science noting that the sounds could be produced by “events that originate in the ocean, such as the crash of very large waves or thunder far offshore.”

Having identified the Cape Fear region as “the most promising location to keep looking,” the scientists will collect more data over the course of several years and use several stations to try and triangulate the source of the sound.


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