Space Present? Asteroid Bigger Than Statue of Liberty to Fly Past Earth at Christmas, NASA Says

According to information from NASA’s Centre for Near Earth Studies, asteroid 2014 SD224 will come inside 0.02019 astronomical models of the Earth’s floor. If that sounds uncomfortably shut and will get you wanting to guide the following ticket to Mars, don’t fret – in layman’s phrases that is practically 1.9 million miles.

An asteroid bigger than the Statue of Liberty will fly previous our planet at 20:20 GMT on Christmas Day, NASA mentioned. 

The asteroid has a diameter between 92 and 210 metres – greater than twice the dimension the Statue of Liberty which is sort of 93 metres excessive.

Called 2014 SD224, it would come inside 0.02019 astronomical models, or practically 1.9 million miles, from the Earth’s floor. While flying previous Earth, it will likely be travelling at a velocity of 10 kilometres per second, 30 instances the velocity of sound. 

According to the house company, this asteroid is assessed as a near-Earth object though it will likely be situated nearly eight instances additional out than the Moon.

This “Christmas” asteroid just isn’t anticipated to trigger any harm, astronomers say, including that its flight might be tracked on NASA’s web site.


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