Spacecraft’s Eye View: Stunning Video Shows Perseverance Rover’s Descent to Mars

The US area company NASA has launched first-of-its-kind footage of the Perseverance spacecraft touchdown on Mars final week.

Stunning video launched by NASA on Friday reveals the views from two cameras on the spacecraft – one pointed up and one pointed down – that recorded the terrifying moments from when it deployed its touchdown parachute about 10 kilometers above the Martian floor till it touched down on the crimson planet’s floor a bit of over three minutes later.

​At a press convention, scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory described the cameras as a “nice to have” merchandise not completely crucial for its scientific mission of trying to find proof of historical microbial life in Jezero Crater, however nonetheless one thing that nonetheless proved to have “real scientific value.”

The video begins about 10 kilometers up, simply after the “seven minutes of terror,” throughout which no contact with the spacecraft was attainable. However, even throughout this section, Earth was too far-off to be pushed by NASA scientists, so onboard AI guided the spacecraft down itself. Perseverance jettisoned its warmth defend and deployed a parachute to sluggish its descent, however it was nonetheless shifting at a number of dozen meters per second.

Sputnik ScreenshotThe warmth defend for NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft detaches from the lander about 9 kilometers above the Martian floor
Sputnik ScreenshotA view of Jezero Crater from NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft, because the craft is about 8 kilometers above the Martian floor

Stabilizing rockets helped sluggish its descent additional till only a few meters above the Martian floor, the place the “sky crane” dropped the SUV-sized Perseverance rover down onto the floor earlier than floating away.

Sputnik ScreenshotCameras onboard NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft seize the “skycrane” section of touchdown on Mars, when the rover was dropped off on the floor of Jezero Crater

Once on the floor, the rover deployed its personal cameras and took a couple of pictures of Jezero Crater, which astronomers imagine was a sea billions of years in the past, when Mars nonetheless had flowing liquid water.

NASANASA’s Perseverance rover snaps a photograph of Jezero Crater, Mars, after touching down



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