What does a premium bank card mean?

Photo What does a premium bank card mean?

Premium bank cards are in the "exclusive" line of banking products, offering a wide range of prestigious privileges and rewards. In some cases, you will even need a special offer before you can apply and consider various bank premium cards. However, in return, you will need to meet certain criteria and pay a commission.

What are premium bank cards?

Premium cards work similarly to standard cards - they can beo use to buy goods and services. Premium cards are different in that they also offer many exclusive benefits as well as higher credit limits.

What perks do premium cards offer?

Benefits offered vary but may include:

  • Comprehensive worldwide travel insurance
  • emergency cover or roadside assistance;
  • access to airport lounges around the world;
  • personal assistant service available 24 hours a day for booking holidays, dinnersand even buying gifts on your behalf;
  • reward points for airfare and hotel stays.

Who are premium cards for?

Premium bank cards are best for those who have excellent credit scores and high salaries. They can also appeal to frequent travelers with a range of travel services on offer such as airport lounges, travel insurance and airline miles.

As long as you use these benefits correctly, premium cardscan be beneficial.

However, if you are unlikely to take full advantage of the available benefits or end up having to pay twice for certain benefits (for example, if you have travel insurance elsewhere), premium is unlikely to be the right choice.< /p>

It's important to note that a premium card won't be a good option if you can't fully repay your balance each month, as the interest costs outweigh the cost of any benefits offered.

If you know�� If you can't qualify for a premium card, or just aren't sure it's the right choice for you, a rewards or cashback credit card might be your best bet.

Reward cards allow you to earn miles or loyalty points as you spend money. Air miles can be used for flights, hotels and holidays, while loyalty points can be earned at select retailers and supermarkets and then redeemed for discounts or vouchers at the same stores.

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