Why are there now two AliExpress dollar exchange rates and which one is real?

Photo Why are there now two AliExpress dollar exchange rates and which one is real?

I have no idea why there are two different ruble/dollar exchange rates on AliExpress, but I can explain where they came from. Look.

As you probably know, there is a big international AliExpress - I'll call it AliExpress.com. And there is a separate structure AliExpress.ru, to which all work with Russia is given.

If you live in Russia, then you cannot buy goods through AliExpress.com. It's just physically impossible. Even if you just try to go to the global site www.aliexpress.com, you will be diligently transferred to aliexpress.ru.

Go to globalYou can, of course, access your website via VPN. It will not help to order the delivery of goods to Russia, but you can go in. And now - attention to the numbers.

So. I go to AliExpress.com, specify delivery, for example, to Switzerland, choose an ordinary Chinese store. Please note that dollar prices are "round". Those. initially, the seller sets prices in dollars.

In the upper right corner of the site, you can change the currency. With a dollar - and for anything, even for Angolan kwanzas. We do not need kwanzas, we choose the Russian ruble.

We look at the priceson the first smartphone. As it is easy to calculate, the conversion from dollars to rubles took place at the rate

And I call this rate the AliExpress.com dollar rate

The funny thing is that at this moment you can (if carefully) switch from aliexpress.com to aliexpress.ru and even how to choose delivery to Russia. And the prices will not change. But that's a glitch, just a glitch...

Now click on the product. According to the same one that we used to calculate the previous international ruble/dollar rate.

As you can see, the price has changed from 34575.11 to 32884.25. Let's recalculate the dollar. We get

And I call this rate the AliExpress.ru dollar rate. And you will buy goods with delivery to Russia using it.

Two important notes.

1. Apparently, sellers on AliExpress have the ability to set different prices (dollar prices) for different countries. So if the price for Russia is somehow completely different from the one that should have been obtained based on the dollar exchange rate, this is most likely the case.

2. Until recently, the ruble/dollar exchange rates of AliExpress.com and AliExpress.ru coincided, but from the beginningNovember 2022 suddenly parted like ships at sea. Whether this is temporary or permanent, I don't know. Perhaps it has something to do with the traditional 11.11 sale, which this year started right from the beginning of November. We will watch.

P.S. Prices and rates in the news and on screenshots - from November 6, 2022.

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