Iceland Sees Rare Swarm of Over 10,000 Quakes in Less Than a Week

Sitting between Europe and North America, the island nation is usually hit by earthquakes as a consequence of its location between two continental plates which might be shifting additional and additional away from one another. While aftershocks are frequent, this many tremors in a row are a uncommon prevalence.

In a seldom occurring pure phenomenon, the tiny North Atlantic nation has seen over 10,000 quakes since final Wednesday, and the tremors are persevering with.

The most violent of them to date have hit the capital space, as the tremors may very well be felt in the streets and houses of Reykjavik. Measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale, it’s the most violent earthquake in the nation for a number of years, Danish Radio reported.

Luckily, nobody was injured through the quake, although many Icelanders are nonetheless working at residence as a result of coronavirus lockdown, particularly in city areas.

According to him, the quakes have continued virtually incessantly since final Wednesday, aside from a brief calm on Friday morning. When it is going to cease is tough to say, he argued.

“Most of these swarms of earthquakes stop at some point. Typically, the most violent earthquake comes first. It continues for some time with weaker and weaker aftershocks until it eventually dies out. It is about the earth getting rid of the excess energy so that there is balance again”, Halldórsson defined.

While a uncommon prevalence in most components of the world, earthquakes are a common phenomenon on Iceland.

“It’s everyday for us up here. We live in the middle of an earthquake zone. This means that we are prepared for the tremors. We have the strictest building regulations as regards earthquake protection in the world, and we learn in school how to behave when an earthquake occurs”, Halldórsson stated.

According to Trine Dahl-Jensen, a senior researcher of earthquakes on the National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), such massive swarms of earthquakes are uncommon even for Iceland, which isn’t any stranger in that division.

Iceland is usually hit by earthquakes as a result of the island is positioned in the midst of a zone the place two continental plates are shifting additional and additional away from one another. On the one hand, the North American continental plate pulls the United States additional and additional away from Europe, and however, the Eurasian plate pulls in the wrong way. A crack often known as the Silfra rift runs throughout Iceland as a visible proof, attracting many vacationers and divers.


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