Iranian Diplomat Calls on UNSC to Compel US to End Destabilizing Measures in Persian Gulf

UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) – The United Nations Security Council and the worldwide group ought to compel the United States to finish destabilizing measures in the Persian Gulf area, Iran’s Chargé d’Affaires to UN Eshagh Al-Habib has stated.

“Since such military adventurism is in clear contradiction with the Purposes and Principles of the United Nations and has serious ramifications for regional and international peace and security, the United Nations Security Council is expected to compel the United States to abide by the principles and rules of international law and stop these unlawful measures. Likewise, the international community should demand that the United States put an end to its destabilizing measures in such a volatile region as the Persian Gulf,” Al-Habib stated, as quoted by Iran’s mission to the UN.

The diplomat talked about that Tehran was not in search of battle, whereas Washington’s behaviour had deteriorated the “already tense security environment” in the Middle East.

Al-Habib’s letter is addressed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the Security Council head, Jerry Matjila.

In a letter dated 31 December, the Iranian diplomat stated that the US “military adventurism” in the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea has particularly intensified in latest weeks. In explicit, Al-Habib pointed to flights of US long-range strategic bombers in the area and collection of disinformation campaigns in opposition to Tehran.


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