Italy Unveils Project to Restore Colosseum and Rebuild Arena Which Hosted Gladiator Fights

In historic instances, the Colosseum hosted 1000’s of spectators who watched slaves, condemned criminals, and wild animals struggle to the dying.

Italy just lately unveiled a $12-million mission to set up a brand new retractable flooring in Rome’s Colosseum that may restore the amphitheatre to its gladiator-era glory. 

In Roman instances, the Colosseum hosted savage fights between gladiators in addition to condemned criminals, enslaved males, and wild animals. The fighters and animals appeared from a labyrinth of secret tunnels beneath the sector’s flooring earlier than battling it out to the dying.

She added that after the renovation, the Colosseum will host concert events and theatre productions on the brand new flooring.

Italian officers reportedly mentioned they hope to full the renovation by 2023. Meanwhile, architects are welcome to ship their designs for the mission – the deadline is 1 February.


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