McEnany Says Psaki’s Constant Need to ‘Circle Back’ May Mean She’s Not Getting Much Access to Biden

“Circle back” has turn into considered one of Jen Psaki’s best-known catchphrases. The White House press secretary makes use of the time period to imply “I’ll get back to you” every time she’s requested a query she doesn’t have the reply to.

Former Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany says her successor’s common want to “circle back” whereas answering questions could also be linked to an absence of entry to President Biden.

“I’ve said before and I mean it, I wish Jen Psaki all the best. It is a very hard job but that being said, we took great pains in our administration to do hours and hours and hours of research beforehand, days sometimes,” McEnany mentioned, talking to Fox & Friends on Thursday.

Asked to touch upon President Biden’s unprecedented lack of solo press conferences with the White House Press corps, McEnany instructed that the scenario reminded her of the 2020 presidential marketing campaign, with Biden making few press appearances, favouring pre-taped remarks as a substitute.

“That was his strategy all the way along – hide in the basement, don’t talk to the American people, now get to the White House, hide in another figurative basement, his Oval Office, never going out to the Brady press briefing room,” McEnany complained.

The present environment marks a stark distinction to the one below Trump, in accordance to the previous spokeswoman.


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