Putin Calls for Countering Revision of Russian Intelligence’s Role in Defeat of Nazism

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The makes an attempt to revise the position of Russian particular providers in the defeat of Nazism throughout the WWII have to be confronted, Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned on Saturday.

Aside from the SVR, the Russian chief addressed the assertion to all of Russia’s different particular service businesses, saying that “we are all rightfully proud of the glorious pages of history of our services.”

Most myths in regards to the position of Soviet particular providers throughout World War 2 pertain to the navy counterintelligence operations of the so-called SMERSH company, specialists say. SMERSH was a joint directorate of impartial Soviet intelligence providers, created in 1943 and disbanded in 1946.

A standard fantasy holds that SMERSH personnel carried out merely punitive features, whereas Red Army troopers fought in the entrance line. In actuality, navy counterintelligence officers not solely carried out their direct skilled duties however had been additionally concerned in the navy motion and even assumed the command of models which had misplaced their commanders to the conflict when mandatory. SMERSH personnel fought alongside Red Army troopers, and the dying toll in their ranks was proportionally the identical as in the military. There had been many cases of navy counterintelligence officers rescuing military models from blockade and forming particular objective partisan models.

SMERSH’s key achievement throughout World War 2 was that not a single operation of the Red Army had been undermined as a result of of hostile intelligence providers and never a single plan of the Soviet command had been made identified to the enemy, historians have identified. Moreover, regardless of Adolf Hitler’s pursuit, not a single anti-Soviet demonstration occurred in Red Army ranks and in the rear. Experts imagine it was because of SMERSH that the Soviet Union acquired an effectively functioning mechanism of countering the hostile intelligence, created by Nazi Germany and excelled in different nations for years.

Risks of Simmering Conflicts Near Russia Require Stepped Up Border Protection

Russian intelligence businesses ought to present most safety on the state border because of the dangers of simmering conflicts in neighbouring areas, Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned on Sunday.

Putin made the statements throughout the go to to the headquarters of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) to mark the a centesimal anniversary of its institution.

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