Satanic Panic! US Counter-Terror Agency Alarmed by Welsh Nazi Devil-Worshippers

The Order of the Nine Angles claims it was based in Shropshire, Wales, by a witch who led an underground pagan cult that has survived in secret for the reason that coming of Christianity. It reveres Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden for bringing loss of life and chaos to the world.

A US counter-terrorism company raised an alarm over an obscure and tiny satanic neo-Nazi cult hailing from Wales.

The leaked inside report from the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) claimed that the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) “advocates for the destruction of civilization and urges adherents to undertake violent acts as a way to gain mystical insights”.

O9A lists a collection of radical organisations believed to be influenced by the order’s weird ideology, together with the Rapewaffen Division, Rape Krieg, the Atomwaffen Division and the Sonnenkrieg Division.

O9A hit the headlines earlier in 2020 when US Army Private Ethan Melzer was arrested on suspicion of passing details about his unit to extremists and the Islamist terror community al-Qaeda. Among Melzer’s possessions was a replica of The Sinister Tradition, a e-book printed by O9A.

Former FBI agent Mike German, now a fellow on the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program, advised Yahoo the NCTC report was “problematic.”

The order was based in rural Shropshire within the east of Wales within the Nineteen Sixties or 70s, as a unification of three clandestine pagan cults that purportedly survived the approaching of Christianity on the time of the Roman Empire. O9A reveres historic figures like Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden who wreaked chaos, destruction and loss of life.

O9A’s beliefs are a mixture of occult mysticism, together with the black mass, pagan magic and the three-dimensional ‘Star Game’, meant to guide initiates to an enlightenment.

According to British anti-fascist group Hope not Hate, O9A solely has a handful of members. Ryan Fleming, a member of the UK neo-Nazi group National Action, which has been banned as a terrorist organisation, printed Satanist works and is allegedly a member of the O9A’s Yorkshire “nexion” or cell, the Drakon Covenant. Fleming was jailed in 2017 for the rape of a 14-year-old lady.


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