Saudi-led Coalition Says Commercial Cargo Ship in Red Sea Hit by Marine Mine Laid by Yemen’s Houthis

The coalition claimed there have been solely merely minor damages to the ship and mentioned the incident didn’t result in any casualties.

A marine mine laid by Houthis in Yemen has hit a industrial cargo ship in the southern a part of the Red Sea, the Saudi-led coalition mentioned, as cited by Saudi state TV.

There have been reportedly minor damages to the vessel, however no casualties.

The Saudi-led coalition of Arab states entered the standoff between Yemen’s authorities and the armed Houthi political opposition forces on the facet of the nation’s authorities in 2015, after the Houthis had made vital features throughout the early days of the clashes.

The coalition has since been conducting air, land, and sea operations in opposition to the militants, who management Sanaa and huge areas in northern and western Yemen.

In latest months, the border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, which has been engulfed in the civil battle since 2014, has been a sizzling spot of a number of assaults reported by Riyadh as Houthi provocations involving rockets, drones and explosives.

The newest incident, in which a drone concentrating on Riyadh was intercepted, occurred on 4 December, in response to the dominion.


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