Trump Piques UK Christmas Lockdown, Touts US Covid Response

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier in the day appeared to deliver gloomy news for a large part of England, announcing that the current strict lockdown will continue to Christmas day and introducing new Tier Four restrictions in all areas across southeast and eastern England currently in Tier Three, including the British capital.

US President Donald Trump on Saturday tweeted a defence of his administration’s coronavirus response, comparing the pandemic in the United States to that in other countries, particularly in the United Kingdom.

In a follow-up tweet, Trump asserted that “we don’t want to have lockdowns” in an apparent denouncement of the UK’s recent implementation of stricter coronavirus tiers up to Christmas day. 

The ​POTUS tweets came shortly after UK PM Boris Johnson announced from Downing Street that areas across southeast and eastern England, London included, will be plunged into new Tier Four coronavirus restrictions, adding that “We cannot continue with Christmas as planned”.

Earlier in the week, the UK was rocked with the news of a new mutated novel coronavirus strain discovered across the country, predominantly in southern England and in the British capital city.

Along with apparent new developments of COVID-19, vaccines continue to arrive, with the US Food and Drug Administration issuing an emergency use authorisation for the second vaccine in the country, Moderna, after approving a Pfizer BioNTech vaccine earlier in December.

The pandemic continues to rage across the world, as the United States continues to top the list of those countries worst affected by the disease, with over 17 million registered cases and more than 314,000 related deaths. In the UK, there are over 2 million cases with about 67,000 fatalities.


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