US Authorises Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine for Emergency Use

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German firm BioNTech was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration on 11 December.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday authorised a Moderna coronavirus vaccine for emergency use, allowing the vaccine to be distributed in the US for use by individuals who are 18 years or older.

​According to the FDA, the Moderna vaccine “has met the statutory criteria for issuance of an EUA”, as the potential benefits outweigh the known risks.

US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to mark the authorisation of the Moderna vaccine in America.

​Earlier in December, the FDA issued an emergency use authorisation for another coronavirus vaccine developed in partnership by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German firm BioNTech.

After the authorisation, several US political figures, including Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, publicly received shots of the Pfizer vaccine. President-elect Joe Biden announced that he would take the vaccine on Monday.


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