US Dollar Shows Record 2-Year Low vs Euro on Asian Markets

The changes were registered as American lawmakers come closer to reaching an agreement on a $900 billion spending package that is expected to include $600-$700 stimulus checks and extended unemployment benefits amid the global pandemic.

Trading on Asian markets has recorded the lowest point for the USD against various currencies since April 2018. At the moment, the USD costs around 0.82 euros, while its highest result this year was 0.92 euros per dollar. At the same time, the USD is trading at 103.48 Japanese yen.

Sputnik / Sergey MamontovUS dollar notes and an American visa

The US Dollar Index has hit 89.995, which is dangerously close to the 20 April 2018 index of 89.89.

Meanwhile, the euro and Asian currencies are on the rise, as well as cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, which surpassed its all-time record price, and is now trading at over $22,000.


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