US Media Boosts Allegations of ‘Chinese Bounties’ For Killing of American Soldiers in Afghanistan

Earlier, Axios reported that the Trump administration was in the method of declassifying unconfirmed intelligence concerning China allegedly providing “bounties” to “non-state actors” in Afghanistan for killing American troopers.

On Thursday, Fox News, citing a senior Trump administration official, confirmed the report Axios launched on Wednesday that US federal authorities officers are working to declassify what was described as “uncorroborated intelligence” that alleged that China provided bounties to so-called “non-state actors” in Afghanistan to focus on American troopers.

The unsubstantiated intelligence, initially reported by Axios, claimed that Beijing made an effort to finance “attacks on American servicemen by Afghan non-state actors by offering financial incentives or ‘bounties'”. According to the report, President Trump was briefed on the matter, and the White House was in the method of declassifying the unconfirmed intelligence.

Axios sources by no means elaborated on who the “non-state actors” had been or when the “bounties” had been provided, solely noting that the makes an attempt to pay for the killing of the American troopers had been made “some time after late February”.

The outlet, nonetheless, contemplated the authenticity of the “intelligence”, noting that, in case the knowledge was proved unsuitable, it will query each the motivation of the supply and the White House’s choice to declassify it.

The reported “bounties” claims had been refuted by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

The accusations in opposition to China come months after the US media lashed out at Russia in June for allegedly paying the Taliban* for killing American troops – claims that weren’t backed with any credible proof and refuted by Moscow.

As new stories contributed to the “Russian bounties” story, the Trump administration was additionally criticised for its reluctance to name out Russia for the unconfirmed allegations.

Regarding the newly-emerged “Chinese bounties”, Trump’s Cabinet has not publicly spoken.


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